Kickstarter Success. Understatement of the Decade!

Kickstarter Success. Understatement of the Decade!

I wanted to share a quick Thank You to everyone who found my art and my blog through the recent Kickstarter campaign for the first issue of BEORN. That campaign was a wild experience.

I honestly set out to run a small campaign and get the experience of Kickstarter. I wanted to start printing my story, and decided to do it as soon as the first issue was finished. I figured a few people would support me, since I’ve got some great friends and family out there who have heard me talk about it, and know I’ve got big plans for my little Viking. But, boy was I completely unprepared for what happened!

We hit my modest, but honest, funding goal in under an hour, and then I was left reeling. What to do? Just let it ride? Well, that’s not really my style, and so while I was out walking with my wife, Ady, she suggested making the book a I’d always planned to do eventually. I was still in such a state of disbelief that I shot it down immediately. There was no way. We’d have to add content, and hit some pretty high funding goals. But, after a couple breaths, I knew she was a messenger from the universe. Give it a shot. You’ve already achieved what you set out to do. Instead of waiting for lightning to strike twice, just go for it. My wife is a smart lady, so I set out to throw together a second campaign in just a few days, and we were on our way to making the book the way I had always dreamed. Stretch goals were in place, and if we didn’t hit them, we were already on-track to produce my first book. But, if we did reach them, it would be an absolute dream come true.

Fast forward 29 days, and we sit on a field of fallen foes, bathed in bloody glory. Well...maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I sure feel like you all helped me conquer the world right now. Over 600 backers (I had guessed we’d hit 20, and I thought it would be really cool to hit 50). Over $20,000 funded (I needed $750, and thought it would be nice to hit an even $1000). I think the money is awesome, but it’s because it is directly going to making the dream come true. Even cooler than that, though...I am so happy about the number of people who supported me and the project. Whether you are a friend or family member just doing it to support your ol’ buddy Ben, or if you’re a new fan that can’t wait to start reading young Beorn’s adventures… I cannot wait to get these books into your hands!

Working through pages, scripting the added content unlocked through the Kickstarter… This is where I feel most at home these days. I had a blast running the campaign, but I’m a storyteller, not a promoter. I really just want to create my story and share it with as many people as care to read it. So, I’ve been a bit more relaxed and happy these past few days. Seeing the pages come to life is a treat. I can’t wait to have them collected into the book. And I have so much more to share!

Beorn is just taking his first steps into his wild and magical world. And that’s how the books start out. Small steps...even if some of them are quite dangerous and exciting...will lead our Viking into a big world. I’m excited to share these steps with you all, and I can’t thank you enough for making it all possible.

To everyone who supported, shared, or encouraged the recent Kickstarter campaign, Thank You. From the bottom of my heart.