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October Update

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Hi, y'all! I started prepping this update last week, but crazy stuff has been going on. We've had a proper perfect storm on the homefront and it has torpedoed my productivity and absolutely shot my stress levels through the roof. The short version is (and sorry for the grossness), it started with maggots coming out of the drains in our...Read More

The Great Pumpkin fanart series

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I decided to do some of my fanart paintings as a series across a whole week. The first week I did was The Great Pumpkin as a lead-up to Halloween. I had a lot of fun with these! Linus writing to the Great PumpkinLinus waiting for the Great PumpkinSnoopy, The Flying AceThe Peanuts Kids Trick-r-TreatingSnoopy...or, the Great Pumpkin...Read More

Working, Painting, and Fanart

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Howdy folks! I've been painting lots of fanart lately. I started doing it as a means to test out my traditionally inking skills. I inked the first Beorn book digitally, so I hadn't been inking with my brush for awhile. I always wanted to ink Beorn traditionally, but never really felt good enough to tackle the pages. But, I'm moving...Read More

Back to the Land of the Living

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Woohoo! I hope everyone is doing well. I had to take some time off from investing in social media and digital interactions while I was working on finishing up the first Beorn book, and that took a whole lot longer than anticipated. But! Everything on that front is rolling along splendidly now. The books are at the printer, and should...Read More

Kickstarter Success. Understatement of the Decade!

Published on

I wanted to share a quick Thank You to everyone who found my art and my blog through the recent Kickstarter campaign for the first issue of BEORN. That campaign was a wild experience. I honestly set out to run a small campaign and get the experience of Kickstarter. I wanted to start printing my story, and decided to do...Read More

New Decade. New Site. New Beginnings.

Published on

I’m a huge fan of new beginnings. Before my wife Ady and I even had our first child, we decided that every morning we would ask them, “who are you today?” I have always felt there is great power in the recognition that our minds can recreate who we are by cutting ties with the baggage we carry with...Read More

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